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850 ₺ / day

Villa sweet home

Villa Sweet Home is a conservative sheltered villa with pool in Antalya Kaş Çukurbağ, rent a Kaş sweet home villa now for a peaceful holiday with the assur

4.080 ₺ / day

Spypremium Villas

Located in Antalya Lara, our Villa has a comfort and spaciousness suitable for large families. The entrance and first floors of our 3-storey villa are suitable for accommodation for 4 people, and our roof floor has a specially designed

1.000 ₺ / day

Villa Nehir

Villa Nehir is a holiday villa with nature and sea views located in Antalya Kaş Gökseki area.

1.150 ₺ / day

Villa Sonsoy - 1

Our Villas in Kemer Camyuva are 3+1 rooms and each room has air conditioning. Located 200 meters from the sea, the Villa has a communal pool.

1.214 ₺ / day

Villa Zeytinli

We offer you the opportunity to spend a holiday where you can save beautiful memories with peace from the surrounding of our villa

2.300 ₺ / day