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Terms of Service | Yedihome Villa Rental




1.   Current usage conditions of Yedihome.com have been contracted both by the (or other addresses and/or mobile applications given by Yedihome) (“Website” and “Mobile app”) customer renting the real estate and Yedihome.com owner “Etiler Mah. Evliya Çelebi Cad. Remel Plaza No:23 D:106 Muratpaşa Antalya”


1.    To provide information about the rights and responsibilities between the customer and the owner of ("Yedihome.com") Yedihome with the current terms of usage's topic and aim.


1.    Yedihome.com provides pictures of rental villas/apartments and services to rent villas/apartments to customers. The customer can use these servives as long as it is suitable under the terms of service.

2.    Reservation services are done on Yedihome.com without Yedihome's interference. For the reservation to be complete Yedihome will request a damage deposit from the customer.

3.    The customer acknowledges that during the usage of advert viewing and reservation services, the customer must not act against legislations and in the case of such event, if Yedihome is affected directly or indirectly from damage or profit loss, the expenses will be covered by the customer.

4.    In cases when the cancellation of reservations or reservation hours being changed by the rental service provider under Yedihome.com, Yedihome will inform the customer with the provided contact information. If accepted by the customer, the changed reservation hours or date will be set. If not accepted by the customer, the rent money and deposit will be refunded to the customer. The customer acknowledges that he will not request any compensation under any circumstance from anything that occured due to the reservation or reservation cancellation or change.

5.   The customer acknowledges that no refund will be provided for reasons the customer is solely responsible for. Such as, after a reservation is made and a cancellation request was made by the customer or the customer not being at the villa/apartment on reservation date.

6.    The customer acknowledges that no refund will be provided if a reservation is cancelled on Yedihome.com by the customer after any reservation service is bought.

7.    The customer will be informed of services provided by Yedihome.com by using the contact information provided to Yedihome.com

8.    The customer acknowledges that under the current contract and terms of service present in Yedihome.com, will accept and conform to any notification given by Yedihome.

9.    Yedihome will not take responsibility or serve as a mediator in case of a customer having disagreements with a third party or a rental service provider using Yedihome.com's renting services.

10.  Yedihome, rental service provider and the customer is legally independent. Therefore they have no partnership, representation or labor relation between each other.

11. The customer acknowledges and confirms that every information provided to Yedihome.com during account creation is wholly true and in case of the given information being false, the customer is responsible for all damage and loss caused by the false information given.  The customer is responsible for his username and password he has chosen for himself and Yedihome will take no responsibility for any case of account theft done by a third party.

12. The customers are to use their rented villa/apartment, pool, garden furniture, electronic items provided in their villa/apartment in working condition and furniture clean. The customers must leave all kitchenware clean the way they have been provided to them. On leave day, the trash must be taken out and the dishes must be washed. Otherwise, if the villa/apartment is thought the be left unclean a cleaning expense will be deducted from the damage deposit.

13. Yedihome must be informed of any damage or loss of item in the villa/apartment. During rent, any damage done to the villa/apartment or any loss of item will be paid by the damage deposit accordingly. If no damage deposit was paid, cash will be asked from the customer.

14. The customer and the people accompanying him should pay attention to the social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, not to listen to loud music, and not to engage in behavior that is prohibited by the laws of our country. In the event that Yedihome receives a complaint about the customer and the people accompanying him for such reasons, Yedihome has the right to request the customer to vacate the villa/flat before the reservation period expires.

15. The customer, while using Yedihome.com and providing all kinds of content to Yedihome.com, acts in accordance with all kinds of legislation applied and in force in the Republic of Turkey, that this content is in compliance with general morality, that it does not protect any rights (personal rights, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.); he accepts, declares and undertakes that he will immediately compansate for all kinds of damages that Yedihome may incur due to his contrary behavior.

16. In the event that any article of the Agreement is violated by the Customer and/or requested by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority, Telecommunication Communication Presidency or other authorities, Yedihome may deprive the customer of suspending, deleting and re-opening the account created by the Customer. reserves the right to receive, take down all content and to claim compensation.

17. For legal and commercial reasons, the name and internet protocol (IP) address of the internet service provider used by Yedihome while using Yedihome.com, the date and time of access, the pages accessed while on Yedihome.com and the direct access to Yedihome.com. to keep information such as the address of the website that enables the connection, to process and store this data and all personal data uploaded within the scope of Yedihome.com within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law and relevant legislation by Yedihome, and to transfer them to third parties required for the operation of Yedihome.com. accepts, declares and undertakes to give consent.

18. Yedihome may, for legal reasons and/or upon the request of official authorities, notify the Customer's information to the relevant authorities without obtaining the Customer's prior consent.

19. Yedihome will make the utmost effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Website, and does not undertake that Yedihome.com will operate without errors and will not be liable for unauthorized reading of the Customer's data and any damages that may occur to them. The customer agrees and declares that Yedihome will not be responsible for any damage that may arise from the use of Yedihome.com. Yedihome may, at its sole discretion, modify, delete or temporarily or permanently suspend certain services, in whole or in part, of Yedihome.com.

20. The website and mobile app may have links or references to other sites that is not a part of Yedihome. Therefore Yedihome is not responsible for the content of these said sites.

21. Yedihome, the general appearance and design of the Website, and all information, pictures, brands, domain names, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable technical data on the Website, computer software, applied sales system is the owner or licensee of all materials (“Material”) and related intellectual and industrial property rights, including business method and business model. any Material on the Website; It cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and without reference. The whole or part of the Website and/or Mobile Application cannot be used on another website and/or mobile application without permission. Due to acts to the contrary, Yedihome's legal and penal demands and all other rights not expressly stated here are reserved.

22. In the event of any mandatory change, at Yedihome's sole discretion regarding the provision of services over Yedihome.com, including pricing, or due to the regulations and/or the instructions of authorized institutions and organizations, this situation will be notified to the customer by Yedihome through Yedihome.com. If the relevant changes are not accepted by the Customer, the Customer's access to Yedihome.com will be terminated.

23. In the event that the Customer violates its obligations under the provisions of this Agreement, the Agreement may be terminated immediately, without prejudice to Yedihome's right to any compensation, and that Yedihome has the right to suspend or immediately terminate the customer's access to any and all kinds of damages that Yedihome may incur. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will immediately and in cash compensation for any damages and any administrative, criminal and judicial fines that it may be liable to pay.

24. The Customer shall ensure that all transactions and actions of all persons who will access and transact on Yedihome.com through their own account are made in their own name and account, and that they act in accordance with this agreement and all relevant legislation, and are personally responsible for all transactions and actions of these persons. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will immediately and in cash indemnify the damages that may be incurred by Yedihome due to the transactions and actions of the persons concerned in any way contrary to this agreement.

25. The customer cannot rent his account to third party members. If such is found out, the account in question will be terminated.

26. The customer acknowledges that both he and the rental service provider is responsible in case of any issue caused by the quality of service between both. And that Yedihome will not take responsibility under any circumstance and will not agree to any compensation.

27. The customer reserving a villa/apartment will be considered that he acknowledges and accepts the terms of service provided. In any case that the terms of service is violated,  Yedihome holds the right to terminate the contract or the reservation at any given time.


1.    Payment is to be given to Yedihome under Yedihome.com terms by the customer. Other than the payment required to be done to the rental service provider, no extra payment is to be asked.

2.    Customer acknowledges and accepts that any payment done for the villa/apartment will be paid only to Yedihome and payment given to rental service providers or third parties outside of Yedihome will yield no result and in this case having to pay the mentioned price again to Yedihome. İşbu 4.2.madde hiçbir şekilde Yedihome’un 6493 Sayılı Ödeme ve Menkul Kıymet Mutabakat Sistemleri, Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para Kuruluşları Hakkında Kanun ve sair mevzuat uyarınca Yedihome’un ödeme ya da elektronik para kuruluşu olduğu şeklinde yorumlanamaz.  


1.    If money owed by any party is unable to be paid due to reasons such as an accident, fire, flooding, strike, earthquake, war, protest or any change made to the law by the officials, the party in question will not be held responsible and this will be considered as force majeure. If these events are not yet resolved in the next 30 (thirty) days, both parties have the right to terminate the contract.   

2.    According to the current terms of service, issues caused by internet service providers or similar institutions and actions of a third party, unexpected events such as emergency maintenance, official cuts or shortages, earthquake, pandemic will be considered as force majeure and the responsibility will not be held by both parties for these events.


According to the current terms, the contract will be viable until the membership is not terminated by Yedihome or the customer.


Under any disagreement caused by the terms of service, Istanbul Executive Offices and Court will be responsible.


The current terms of service is considered read and accepted by the customer after signing up or using services provided by Yedihome.com.